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Joel & Cheryl Grams are the founders of SFWO and have been helping loving couples from all backgrounds, religons, and cultures get married since 2003.  We have since been joined by Garret Wyatt who is wonderful Officiant and friend.

We at SFWO believe that love, and love alone, is the perfect reason to get married and stay committed to one another. If you're looking for a professional ceremony, where all cultures and backgrounds are respected, SFWO is the right choice!

With a proven record of happy couples and excellent service, SFWO has grown by leaps and bounds since it was formed in 2003. With so many referrals from happy couples.

SFWO is the only Officiant service to offer a signed contract, guaranteeing that we will never back out at the last minute. You can rest assured that SFWO will be there for your amazing, memorable day!