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WAIT UNTIL THE WEEK BEFORE YOUR WEDDING TO GET YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE  The reason we tell you to wait is because the licenses expire within 20 days of purchase.  The count begins the day you purchase it.  Therefore to avoid any expiration issues it is best to just wait until the week of your wedding to get the license.  You both need to go and show a photo id.

Book your free consultation with Joel or Cheryl  to discuss your wedding ceremony needs.  It is important to book the Private Consultation within 5 days of booking your wedding date, because the date you have chosen is only tentative until you meet with your officiant and confirm the date with payment.  

If you are unable to meet with the officiant because you live in another state or too far away, you need to contact your officiant and make your date confirmation payment. Once your payment has been received, you can meet with your officiant any time prior to your wedding, and your date will be set in stone.