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Wedding Logistics

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Logistics means all the practical arrangements, the movements of people on time, so that the whole dance of the wedding takes place as hoped for. It is not essential to hand this all over to a wedding planner, though a good one will certainly take a huge burden off you shoulders.

Assuming you will look after all the other plans from the bride getting her hair done in the morning and the bridesmaids being met at the airport right through to the end of the reception when the bride and groom finally head off to their secret honeymoon location (which seldom happens these days!) all WE need to discuss is the logistics of the wedding ceremony itself. And, yes, there are some. Forget this and you can have a messy occasion.

You need to have people whose specific job it will be to:

Get everyone into the wedding room, comfortably seated, in good time. Take special care of elderly or disabled guests.

Ensure enough places are kept at the front for the wedding party. Traditionally the brides family sits on the left facing the front and the groom's family on the right. The rest of the seating maybe a free-for-all unless you're very fussy about this.

Hand out program sheets, if appropriate. The ushers or groomsmen do all this
Liaise with the whoever may be starting up any special bridal entry music
Have the rings ready - Best Man

Brief the photographers. You do not want clicks and flashes during the ceremony. These are intrusive and will spoil any video-taping you have arranged.

Brief the videographer. Decide the limits of where he/she may film from during the ceremony.

Escort the Bride. Is she being brought in on the arm of her father, or a brother, or maybe by some other arrangement? Understand about the time it takes to get from cars, through doorways, etc.

Read poems or play music. This needs to be planned to the extent that we are not all waiting while cousin Ruth struggles to get out of the middle of the back row and walks to the front to sing her solo.

Form a wedding party at the end of the ceremony. If close family are to follow out behind the bride and groom they should know this and be seated appropriately for their exit to be easy.

Know what to do about crying children. If crying children are not immediately removed from the ceremony you should know that your cherished video tape of the event will be ruined. If small kids are expected, make provision for what to do with them if they become fractious. And if you don't mind, neither do I!

When I conduct a  wedding I am always mentally covering all these things at the time just to make sure we do not run into any unexpected hitches. Remember, no matter how well you brief your friends to make this all work, most of them have never done this before and may still be hesitant and unsure of themselves.